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230/236 Carpet Kit – Tapistron – Stone/White Crest


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PLEASE NOTE: THIS CARPET IS UGLY. You have been warned. The carpet is a odd brown color mixed with other brown ugly colors.
If you like dirty brown, this is your carpet.

Crest carpet kit fits 2008-2013 Super Air Nautique 230 & 236 models.
This kit will fit the above range of boats. Please note the factory used different graphics for different year models. This graphic is the 2009 model year graphic.


This carpet would have been used at the factory in production. The carpet has the snaps already installed in the carpet. Typically replacement carpet would have NO snaps installed and you would have to install all from scratch.

The production carpet can make installing extremely easy, or more difficult. If the snaps do not line up you have two choices. One: move the studs which are screwed to the floor to match the new carpet. OR Two (which is what we do) remove the offending snaps in the carpet and move to the correct position. The carpet is plush and thick enough you do not see where you removed the snaps.

Snaps are made like a rivet and can be removed cleanly by drilling out the inside stud and simply removing. To install new snaps in this thick carpet it is easier to pre-drill a pilot hole in the carpet then inserting the snap. You do need a special tool for installing snaps. The tool is INCLUDED with the carpet kit.

NOTE: Here is some valuable info from one of our customers who installed a kit. He did have to move most if not all of his snaps. One other customer who called me did not have to move but a few… go figure!!

“Even though one piece fit inside of all the boat mounted snaps, I did not have to move the boat  snaps.  I found that the VERY warm sun softened the rubber backing on the new carpet, and made stretching it much, much easier.  What I thought was an impossible fit, was made easy just by letting it warm up from the sun.  Once I figured that out, I just moved the snaps as close to the cording as possible and relied on stretching it to fit.”