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5200 sealant by 3M – used to seal struts, fins, etc – 3 ounce tube


SKU: 051135052037X


Used as a sealant in the installation of fins, struts, rudder ports, etc.
Retains strength above or below waterline. Flexible; allows for structural movement. Effectively absorbs stress caused by shock, vibration, swelling or shrinking. Excellent resistance to weathering & saltwater. Bonds & seals fiberglass deck to fiberglass hull, wood to fiberglass, portholes & deck fittings, motors on fiberglass transoms, under moldings, hull seams above & below waterline, center board trunk joints, between struts & planking, stern joints, deck housing, etc.. Easy-to-apply with manual caulking gun. Remains workable up to 4 hours after application. Won’t sag or flow in vertical or horizontal seams.