Item NO. 4777

Bilge Pump, Automatic, most models


SKU: 4777


This automatic bilge pump is used on most Nautique boats.(if your boat is 2018 or newer- click here)
Nautique’s part number has been 4777 and 170547 for this pump.

It is the only pump used since about 2000. We recommend using it to replace older units that were equipped with floats or the orange colored “water-witches” (electronic floats).

The option for the three wire pump may be wired for manual override (like the older ones), and automatic.
The option for the two wire pump (which has the factory type plug in connector ) NOTE: its a large Gray plug used currently. If your plug is white, or hardwired,  you’ll have to change the connection. Just cut off the gray plug. See pic.

Rule warranties this pump for 3 years. ALSO NOTE: the Pump with the factory connector does have 3 wires- but is configured to use 2 of them for the boat’s wiring.