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Looking to add a bit more protection to the sides of your boat during storage? You can protect the hull from the damaging UV rays by adding this easy to install skirt. The skirt is tucked under the hem of your cover above the rub rail for a secure fit. Easy to install with 1-1/2” to 2” OD pipe insulation (NOT included) but readily available from your local hardware store. This foam is required to make the skirt usable. You will need the same amount as the length times 2 (both sides). Example a 20 ft cover will take 40 ft of foam insulation.

One picture we took is showing the 23 ft skirt- pulled around to the nose of the G23. Because of the wide bow, the G boats should use a skirt 1 to 2 sizes larger to give total coverage. So a G23 should take a 24′ skirt.  The picture of the boat with the light gray cover is a 230 Nautique.

The skirt is offered in all fabric options like our covers: Performance Poly Guard, Sun-DURA, and Sunbrella.

Detailed instructions can be found here:Skirt Install


Sun-DURA™ (Superior -Light wight)

100% Solution Dyed Polyester means Sun-DURA™ colors are part of the polyester fiber itself, rather than the dye adhering only to the surface of the fibers. 7oz. marine grade polyester that offers superior resistance to harmful UV rays, fading, mildew, tearing and overall wear-and-tear. Our own unique finish provides exceptionally water repellent; while maintaining breath-ability for the health of the boat. Made in USA. (7 Year Warranty) Available Colors: Black, Maroon, Green, Red, Storm Gray, Teal, Yellow, Admiral Navy, Cobalt Blue.

Admiral Navy



Cobalt Blue



Storm Gray


Mist Gray

Performance Poly-Guard® (Superior- Light weight-high tear resistance )

100% Marine-grade polyester. Highest tear strength available. 8 oz, strong and durable. UV and mildew resistant. Excellent resistance to fading. Extremely water repellent. Breathable to help allow interior moisture to escape. Made in USA. (5 Year Warranty) Available Colors: Beige, Haze Gray, White.


Haze Gray







Sunbrella®  (Superior- Heavy, thick cover-Lots of color options )

100% Solution Dyed Marine Acrylic 9.25 oz Highly UV and mildew resistant. Excellent resistance to fading and rot. Extremely water repellent. Excellent sun blockage. Endorsed by the American Cancer Society. Made in USA. (7 Year Warranty) Available Colors: Aquamarine, Burgundy, Cadet Gray, Navy, Forest Green, Jet Black, Jockey Red, Linen,  Logo Red, Marine Blue, Natural, Ocean Blue, Pacific Blue, Persian Green, Royal Blue, Mediterranean Blue, Toast, Acrylic Silver, Sunflower, Charcoal Gray





Cadet Gray

Captain Navy

Charcoal Gray

Forest Green

Jet Black

Jockey Red


Logo Red

Marine Blue


Ocean Blue

Pacific Blue

Persian Green

Royal Blue


Mediterranean Blue