Item NO. S8281

circuit breaker/switch dash


SKU: S8281


Combination switch/circuit breaker – Slide on (spade) terminals.
Used on dash of Correct Craft boats from 1986 to 1999.

PLEASE NOTE: 1985 boats used a screw type terminal. To use these breakers on a 1985 boat only you need to convert the ends of your current wires to spade type connectors. (see item S5925-C, S7047-C)

These breakers come in various AMPS depending on what function they control.
Please select the quantity of each AMP that you need.
In most applications the amps and functions are as follows:

2.5 amp – used on bilge pump and auto bilge pump
6    amp – used on blower
8    amp – used Barefoot Nautique pump & auto pump ( please note – the 8 amp breaker is more expensive than the other due to the fact that not as many are made or used)
10  amp – used on navigation light, anchor light, and accessory
20  amp – used on ignition (main)