Item NO. DIK3

Decal – Graphic Install Kit




Planning on installing some decals? Use the same items we use to get a professional job!
This simple kit includes a pink “Lil-Chizler” for helping to remove the old graphics. This tool is what we use to help get “under” the old decals to make removing easier with out scratching the boat.
Kit also includes the “Action Tac” premixed application fluid we spray on the new decals and boat prior to installing (this makes the decal slide around on the boat) to allow us to position the decal and then squeegee out the excess liquid and any air bubbles.

Package contains: Lil-chizler, felt mac-tac squeegee, action tac application fluid (Spray Bottle – 150 ml, 5 ounces)
(not recommended for Chromax decals)