Item NO. VINYL-Bulk

Factory Vinyl (bulk by the yard)



Desired Color

Year Model/Hull ID Number



OEM Vinyl provided by Nautique. Please note that the availability of vinyl and pricing are subject to change at anytime.

There are two common types of vinyl the factory offers: Laminated and Non-Laminated. This has nothing to do with texture or coatings. The non-laminated vinyl is what one thinks of for your standard vinyl. The laminated vinyl has a foam backing laminated to it. This is often used for vertical runs, or areas where there would be limited or no foam behind the vinyl. Coaming pads, walk thru areas, etc for the laminated style.

To help select the correct color, please specify the desired color and list your hull id number (serial number). We will verify the availability with the factory and then process your order.
Please remember that Nautique has not use a “white” since 1990, it is called Silver Cloud. Boats 2016 and newer have “Mistic White” to replace the long standing silver Cloud.

Most colors used in the past 10 years are available. COLORS USED ON BOATS MADE BEFORE 2012 ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY

Please be aware that this item ships directly from the factory in Orlando. It could take up to two weeks to ship out.