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GEL COAT PATCH KIT – Thermal Yellow
This is a color match gel coat patch paste used for fixing small nicks, scratches, and holes in gel coat. Kit includes paste and catalyst.
You apply this like a thin putty and allow to harden. Once cured you can sand and buff to restore shine.
PLEASE NOTE: No matter what year you boat is, there is no guarantee it will match (boat aging and water discoloration are among factors contributing to this).. Please note again: We can not guarantee it will match!! We have been around long enough to know there is no such thing as a true match for gel coat, its plain luck to get a 100% true match.But these are the original colors from the original manufacturer of the gel coat used by Correct Craft, and therefore, the closest gel coat available.
ALL PATCH KITS/GEL COAT HAVE A LIMITED SHELF LIFE. EVEN IF UNOPENED!! We recommend you use the kit in 2-3 months to ensure the product is usable.