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LATCH, 2.5 LOCKING 3.3 SHAFT Many older rear hatches


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This hatch latch should replace many of the prior stainless latches that look like this.

See pictures.

The change in mounting will involve some new 10-32 machine screws 1-1/2” – 2” long to thread in to the new latch. The old latches used two smaller machine bolts that ran from the outside top of latch to the bottom.
Depending on the application you may or may not need to use backing plate that comes with the new latch, you will have to get those two machine screws, and drill the required holes to line up. I would use the supplied backing plate as a guide to help line up your pilot holes for drilling.

Here is a very poor video (self admitting it is not great) but should help show how it fits. Latch Video ALSO updated with video of 08 and 05 

LATCH, 2.5 LOCKING 3.3 SHAFT (216, 211, sv216, 226, 210, 220, 230)