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Add a white 3 jar gift box! Optional. Makes for a great gift.

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If you are reading this, you are wondering if this is for real? Jams? Jelly? It is for real my friend! And they are more then just a fun label- this is great tasting stuff!! Before this launch on we’ve sold cases of this in our retail store.  We have partnered with a local FDA inspected commercial vendor who strives to bring local ingredients and unique flavors. All product are hot filled and shelf stable – once opened please refrigerate.

Three for only $15!! Add three jars of any flavor to your cart and you’ll see the discount in the cart.
You only need to check the ‘gift box’ option 1 time if you wish to add that option.

Most of the flavors are straight forward- see below for further descriptions.


Faceplant Jelly AKA Apple Pie Moonshine Jelly – Makes you want to faceplant this jar.  (PLEASE REMOVE LID FIRST)
This tastes like the label describes-Apple Pie Moonshine. This is the only ‘Jelly’ in the offering- it is sweet and you can taste that Moonshine kick!

Tantrum TOE Jam – A flavorful mix of tangerine, orange and elderberry, will make you throw a Tantrum.

Big Air BEAR Jam – An amazing combo of blueberry, elderberry, apple and raspberry.

Masters Maple Bacon Jam – Even if you don’t go Pro, this jam will make you feel like a winner.
Warning- this is not a ‘normal’ jam. It has a strong onion flavor- and is better used pairing with pork or a savory dish. If you eat your toast with this Jam, you are one in ten that like it. 

Blind 3 Berry Jam – Blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry are having a party, and you’re invited.

Spinning Apple Cinnamon Jam – May throw your tongue off axis. (Contains NUTS)
Flavor is apple cinnamon-pecan.