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If you are reading this, you are wondering if this is for real? SALSA? It is for real my friend! And they are more then just a fun label- this is great tasting stuff!! Before this launch on we’ve sold cases of this in our retail store.  We have partnered with a local FDA inspected commercial vendor who strives to bring local ingredients and unique flavors. All product are hot filled and shelf stable – once opened please refrigerate.

Three for only $15!! Add three jars of any flavor to your cart and you’ll see the discount in the cart. You only need to check the ‘gift box’ option 1 time if you wish to add that option.

Most of the flavors are straight forward- see below for further descriptions.

Pineapple Surf Salsa – Observe the pineapple in it’s natural habitat.  It’s a wave of flavor. (sweet, not much heat, but oh so fun to eat)

Double Up Salsa Verde – Tomatillo + Jalapeno will launch your taste buds to greener pastures. (spicy)

Unleaded “Thanks” Salsa – Boats don’t run on “thanks” but this jar may get you another pull. (a mild tomato based salsa)

High-Test “Thanks” Salsa – Boats don’t run on “thanks” but this kick in mouth will buy you more time on the boat. (spicy)

Three Event Salsa – This salsa’s no trick, so jump in with a chip and send your taste buds around that last buoy. (a mild black bean and corn tomato based salsa)


Judging the ‘heat’ of a salsa is hard to do. We have a couple of die-hard heat lovers here who could drink any of these. (The writer of this included)
So when we put the “Spicy” term by the description it is only out of consideration of those who don’t believe jalapenos are a mild pepper, and that the Mexican restaurant does not serve anything hot enough.