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Rebuilt props are subject to availability. These propellers are MRI computer balance and pitch checked and perform the same as a new propeller.

208 – For 1977 to 1988 Nautiques or other inboards using 13X13X1 Right Hand 3 bladed props. High performance – CNC Machined Nibral – 4 blade inboard prop. Right Hand Rotation.The dimensions of this prop are: 13″x12.5″x1″ bore..

380 – 4-Blade, Right Hand Rotation Prop (13.5″x17.5″x1-1/8″ bore) for NON-Team V – drive Nautiques.
381-4-Blade, Left Hand Rotation Prop (13.5″x17.5″x1-1/8″ bore) for NON-Team V – drive Nautiques
NOTE: TEAM edition V-drives (or V-drives with center tanks) use prop # 644 or 645

422 – 4 bade, Right Hand Rotation Prop for direct drive boats with PCM 1.23:1 transmission (not vdrives) The dimensions of this prop are: 12.5″x15.5″x1″ bore.

644 – 4 blade, Right Hand Rotation prop (13.25″x16x1-1/8″ bore) for Nautique TEAM edition V-drives or V-drives with ballast tanks. For all Nautique V-drives to 2006 (except for the 2006 210 which uses #645. This prop replaces old ACME prop #536

645 – 4-blade, Left Hand Rotation Prop (13.25″x16″x1-1/8″ bore) for 2006 Nautique 210, and 2007 vdrive boats using
PCM Vdrive.
1234 – 4-blade, High performance Power/Pulling Prop (14.5:x14.25″x1-1/8″ bore RH) (Replaces 645)
1235 – 4-blade, High performance Power/Pulling Prop (14.5:x14.25″x1-1/8″ bore LH) (Replaces 645)
PLEASE NOTE: this prop is technically too large for the 2006 210. It can cause gel coat burn over the long run. Most people risk this and use the prop without issue. The “by the book” prop is the 1579 if the stock 645 is not enough pulling power.

1579- High performance Power/Pulling Prop, was 1465 now called the 1579. It’s a 13.5″x14.25″ LH 4-blade prop, .1.125 dia, .105 cup. Direct upgrade for 645 for 210s requiring a LH prop.

1868 – 4 Blade 12.5″ x 14.25″ with 1” bore. Right Hand

2261 – 4 blade, used with NAUTIQUE 2014-2015 G23/25 w/ 550 engine

2313 – 4 blade, NAUTIQUE G23 with 409 or 450 engine

2561 – 4 blade, 17″ x 17″ propeller designed for use on Nautique G-Series boats equipped with a 2:1 reduction v-drive and 1-1/4″ prop shaft.  This started in 2014 and was typically the ZR409 and ZR450 engines.  The 550 Super Charged did not use this prop in 2014-2015 please see prop 2261.

13×13 Right Hand prop. 3-BLADED. Used on older Correct craft boats (including all Ski Nautiques) in 70’s,80’s