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Sport 200 (200v) Prop Recommendations


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Sport 200 (200v) Prop Recommendations

This page is just to provide general information about which prop may be best for your boat.
As a general rule, the prop that the factory put on the boat is the best general use prop. Use this guide if you are wanting to change the performance of the boat or using the boat in a way that calls for a different prop.


381 General Stock prop for many
645 General/wakeboarding Bit more pulling then 381/sometimes called team prop
1433 Loaded Not recommendedby the factory –Clearance is marginal
1617 Extremely Loaded Not recommendedby the factory –Clearance is marginal
1579 Loaded/wakeboarding Power/pulling prop- gives most hole power

What we mean by clearance is marginal: When a prop blade is too close to the hull of the boat, it can cause “burn” and cause the gel coat to pit or eat away. 13.5 is as close as recommend from the prop company.