Item NO. 5345251

Underwater Light – Economy 3 inch LED – white lights only


Economical and versatile – stainless steel housing allows for interior or exterior mounting – even underwater! Includes BOTH horizontal and vertical mount bezels.

SKU: 5345251


Only available in white. Qty is each.

Bright Light and Lower Amp Draw

These LED lights exceed the output of comparable halogen lights while using 20% of the power. Lights stay cool to the touch and eliminate the burn hazard that halogen lighting can present. Fully potted electronics and stainless steel housing allow for interior and exterior mounting – even underwater! Rated for 50,000+ hours of life. For 12-VDC systems.

Easier, Surface Mount Installation

Aside from efficiency and performance, Attwoods underwater light is unmatched in ease of installation. Today’s underwater lighting products are extremely heavy, require a large thru-hull cut below the water line and involve several additional steps for installation. With only a small hole for wiring and 2 screws for attachment, Attwood’s LED surface mount design makes installation as quick and effortless as possible.

Longer Lasting

Backed by a 10-year warranty, Attwood’s LED underwater light is designed with the most extreme conditions in mind. Attwood uses only the highest grade stainless components to ensure the product will be resistant to corrosion. To ensure the light is watertight, all electrical components are fully sealed with a proprietary potting compound. These features translate into a lighting product that the customer will likely never have to replace or service as long as they own their boat!